Cutting out the noise

Have you ever had one of those "great new job!" emails that has literally no relevance to you? 

Our new Referment Job Notification service lets you choose the exact types of roles you want to hear about, cutting out the noise and serving you with truly relevant notifications when a new job that matches your preferences hits the Referment platform.

Read our step by step guide below or click here to select your preferences now.

Updating your preferences.

Step 1: Login or Sign-Up!

Log into the Referment platform or sign-up. We've made some changes recently but you'll still be able to log in using your existing login details.

Step 2: Head to your profile

Head to your profile by using the icon in the top right next to your name and click Edit Details/Upload CV. This will take you to your profile section where you'll also be able to edit your account details.

Step 3: Update your preferences

Scroll down to the bottom where you'll see the two options to update your preferences. The first one will let you opt in and out at any time and the second one lets you tailor your job notifications.

Step 4: Choose your industry

Choose from the options to hear about jobs that match your industry preferences. So if you've only exclusively worked in Asset Management and only want to hear about roles in that space, just select that. You can select as many or as little as you like!

Step 5: Choose your job function

Choose what types of roles you want to hear about. If you're interested in developer roles, click Technology & Data. Again, you can select as many or as little as you'd like to.

Step 6: Choose your location

Finally, let us know which regions you'd be interested in working in or which regions you'd like to hear about new referral opportunities from!

What you'll get from Referment.

Whenever a new role that matches your job notification preferences hits the Referment platform we'll let you know. It will include all the details about location and salary plus a short description of the role itself, with a link through the Referment platform where you'll be able to read more detail about it and either apply yourself or refer someone you know and earn up to £500 when they interview!

Click here to update your preferences in just 30 seconds and start receiving relevant job notifications today!

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