Referment Job Notification Service

We've added a new feature to the Referment platform that lets you select what kinds of roles you want to hear about.

By using the "Update Your Notification Preferences" tab in the profile section of the Referment platform you'll be taken to three pages that let you tailor what kinds of jobs you hear about. We'll then email you when a job that matches your preferences is added to the platform, letting you know that a great new referral opportunity is live on the platform.

You can update your preferences in under 30 seconds and turn notifications on and off by clicking the "I want to get notified about new jobs" tab under your mailing preferences, making it easy to opt in and out of hearing about new jobs.

You'll be taken to a series of three pages that lets you select the industries you'd be interested in hearing about, followed by the job functions and finally the locations. So if you're only interested in hearing about FinTech Sales jobs in London, you can select these options and we'll send you an email when we add a role that fits.

Click here to update your notification preferences and to start hearing about the jobs you really want to hear about.

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