Referment Platform Updates: Filtering, Job Notifications and more!

We've been hard at work making some changes to the Referment platform in order to make the referral process as seamless and smooth as possible.

We've added some great new functionality including filtering on the main job board, the ability for you to make anonymous referrals and some back-end changes to improve performance.

However, the biggest new feature has been designed to let you curate your Referment experience. You can now select what types of roles you want to hear about by selecting from industry, job function and location options. We'll then send you a notification when a job hits the platform that matches your preferences, providing you with referral opportunities that are relevant to you, cutting out the noise that you may not be interested in.

Tailor your Referment job board.

You can now use the drop down menus to select the exact types of roles you want to see. So if you're only interested in seeing FinTech technology roles you can! Plus, you can use the search bar to search by skills or job title, so if you know someone looking for a new role, drop in their job title and refer them to their next career-defining role.

Make it anonymous.

Keep it secret, keep it safe. You can now refer anonymously, so if you're looking to help someone without the recognition, click the Keep My Referral Anonymous button and we'll do just that.

Click here to make your first anonymous referral.

Hear about the jobs you want to hear about.

Our new notification preferences section in your profile lets you select what industries and job types match your network.

Take a minute to update your job notification settings using the link below and we'll send you an email every time a job hits the Referment platform that matches your preferences. Even better, you can turn notifications on and off, whenever you like.

Select what jobs you want to hear about here.


Referment connects the untapped talent in your network with career-defining roles at incredible FinTech companies. Refer someone you know using the Referment platform and earn up to £500 when they complete a first-round interview! Visit to start earning from your network today.

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