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Here at Referment we place the best talent into leading Financial Services firms. We do this by employing a unique referral model that incentivises our community of over 20,000 professionals (just like you!) to refer people they know to our clients’ jobs.

Traditional referral schemes may shout about large bonus-like referral rewards but usually forget to mention that you actually won’t receive that until your referral has interviewed, worked their notice period, started at their new role and then passed probation. This can take upwards of 9 months and if they leave or don’t pass their probationary period, you’ll likely not get that nice sounding referral reward at all.

To combat the time delay Referment rewards you with a referral reward when your referral completes a first-round interview with the hiring manager. Even better, the more people you successfully refer (when your referral completes a first-round interview) the more you’ll earn.

In fact, you could earn £500 for each successful referral you make indefinitely and with referrals taking less than a minute to make on the Referment platform, it’s never been this easy to earn from your network.

Our Referral Rewards Scheme

Everyone earns £250 for their first successful referral after which they move up a rewards level to Bronze, where you’ll earn £300 for your next referral.

After that you’ll be on Silver level, earning £350, then Gold where you’ll earn £400 and subsequently Platinum, where you’ll earn £450 when your referral completes a first-round interview.

After you’ve passed Platinum level you’ll reach Referminator status, where you’ll earn £500 for each successful referral you make!

Referral Rewards Explainer

There are a few things to note when talking about the Referment referral reward scheme. For starters, HR screening calls and technical tests don’t count towards you earning a referral reward, only a face-to-face or video interview with the hiring manager.

You can only earn one referral reward from each referral you make. So if you referred your colleague Laura to a new role and she interviewed, you’d earn one referral reward and move up a level, but you won’t earn any other referral rewards from Laura interviewing.

We aim to pay out all referral rewards within 2 working days of the interview and you can choose from an array of vouchers, a PayPal transfer, credit towards your Uber/Uber Eats account or even donate your referral rewards as you’d like.

You can see your referral rewards level in your profile section on the Referment platform, via the person icon in the top right hand corner, and you’ll also be able to see your next reward value on each job page too.

Head to app.referment.com/referral/jobs to see all our referral opportunities and to start earning money from your professional network.

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